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My friend Nkemji lost his mother, Patricia Nwaneri (top photo) in a car crash this past February. The other driver, Ponya Lee (pictured in bottom photo), intentionally crashed the car killing her.  Ms. Nwaneri is survived by her three children, Nkemji, 21,Ugochinyere,19, Onyekachi, 16, and Chinyerem, 14. She raised them alone and because she did not have insurance, they are struggling to pay for cost surrounding her death and, sadly, life after it. 

Please spread this post.  A fund has been set up in their name. If you can, please donate. Anything helps.

Any TCF branch will accept checks, cash or money orders. Checks and money orders can also be mailed to:
37151 Warren Rd
Westland, MI 48185
Please make checks and money orders out to:
"Patricia Nwaneri Children Trust Fund"

May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace.


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Babes is so weird  …I love it

I love him so much

His so adorable…..special but adorable ☺️

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Something I’ve been working on, tell me what you guys think :)


Lying on my back, I starred up at the old crinkled up ceiling, i moved around uncomfortable in my twin sized bed. Nights like this, my mind would drift off into another world.

I would just imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t live like the way I live now. How completely different I would be if I had the things that I want and desired.

I rolled over on my side and glanced at the clock, noticing I had been up for most the night. I sighed heavily and rolled back onto my back, unable to sleep.

I should’ve been sleep like other kids but instead I’m up waiting for my mom to come home from her job at cable company. She normally get off at 4 in the morning but she had to work double shifts just to make ends meet.

"Rizma, I’m cold." The small voice mumbled from beside me. I turned my body and wrapped my arms around my baby sister as she shivered from being so cold. I pulled the old wool itchy blanket we got from our neighbor over us.

"Is that better?"

She shook her head. “No, I’m still cold.” I pulled her into me, hoping she can get warm. “It’ll be alright, today momma will have the electricity back on.” I tried reassuring her.

I heard the front door to our two bedroom apartment open, I sat up a bit and looked out of the cracked door that I called a door. “Mom?” I called, but got no answer.

"It’s me baby girl." My older brother Kaine spoke, walking inside my bedroom. "Why it’s so cold in here?" He added. I laid back down and shook my head, fighting back the tears.

"Mama didn’t pay the bill this month." I muttered. "Damn, I need to get a job." mumbled more to himself than to me. I looked over at the clock and frowned a bit.

"Where you been at?" I questioned, already knowing the answer. "With my boys buttercup, calm down." I scoffed and shook my head at him. I hated his friends so damn much, they were definitely a bad influence on him.

"I guess so, I’m going to bed." I replied.

"What’s the problem? Why you don’t like them, sis?" I quickly turned the small dim light on and looked at him. "They’re a bad influence Kaine, I don’t know why you hang with them."

"Look, they’re are good people and I know what’s good for me. Stop worrying about your big brother. In the meantime go to sleep." He kissed my forehead.

I laid back down in the same spot I lied in before, I pulled my little sister into me as she slept. I stared back up onto the ceiling, thinking about my life and why I had to live like this.

My mom and sibling were all I’ve ever had. My dad walked out on s when my little sister was only 2 months old and that was bout 4 years go ago and we haven’t seen him since.

Kaine, my oldest brother hated him, he couldn’t stand the nigga to be honest. Every time we mentioned his name he would leave the room.

My mom was in love with him, before he left we had everything a kid could ask for. Clothes, shoes the best of the best. My mom was a stay at home mother and my dad worked at an Fortune 500 job.

My dad wanted my mom at home, taking care of his kids. She did everything he asked, she was the best mother and wife she could be. But, that wasn’t good enough for Kaine Sr.

He wanted and needed more, I didn’t understand what more he needed. She waited on him hand and foot but that still didn’t stop him from stepping out and cheating on her.

First it was his assistant, then it was the girl from the apartment above us then it turned out he had more than three and had a baby on the side.

He treated her like a fuckibg dog, speak to her in demeaning ways bug that didn’t stop her from loving him. Despite all of the things he did she stayed.

Deep down I believe sne thought she couldn’t do any better. But, I knew she could. She was so beautiful inside and out and couldn’t hurt a fly. She had honey colored smooth skin with the most beautiful set of light brown eyes.

My mom is the true detention of a beauty, her curvaceous body could make men halt but she was barreling demons, demons from her childhood that grew into her adulthood.

One day sick and tired of us, my father packed his things and told us he was leaving us. My mom begged and cried for him not to leave but her cries only fell onto deaf ears.

He didn’t give a fuck about us, his own flesh and blood. He was selfish and I couldn’t stand him. After he left all those nice things we once had we’re sold.

Instead if shopping at the mall and at macys and norstroms we shopped at the Salvation Army. Since my mom didn’t have a job we had no money.

He emptied out her banking account, he left her with not one red cent. How could someone be so cruel especially against his own family? He was a bitch!

My mom had to work three jobs to make ends meet and that still wasn’t enough. I hated seeing my mother struggle, it literally broke my heart.

Not only that, I struggled with being bullied because of what I woreto school. I’m teased daily just because I don’t have what everyone else have.

It hurt because majority of the people who teased and made my life a living hell were the people I once shared a friendship with. It’s funny how people can stab you in the back.

But, I didnt give a fuck. I knew I would one day become better, my mom would get a better job and I’ll have decent clothes. I knew my day was coming, I just didn’t know when.

I slowly closed my eyes, hoping to get at least a few hours of sleep before I had to walk into that hell hole I called a school.


The alarm clock rang loudly, pulling me from my deep slumber. I sat up slowly and threw my legs over the wedge of the bed bd stood up. “Another long, dreadful day.” I muttered.

Walking inside the small bathroom, I turned the shower on and quickly stripped out of my pajamas and stepped tight under the shower as i began my hygiene process.

After showering and fixing my hair, I slipped on the old moccasins I wear onto my feet. I glanced over to my bed, noticing my little sister was no where in sight

"Gabby?" I called our, but ingot no response. Walking out my bedroom I noticed my mom sitting at the table with gabby in her lap. "Hey mommy." I greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi princess, how did you sleep?" She questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, taking a seat at the table. "Eh, okay." I responded. She grabbed my hand and smiled.

"I have good news." She squealed and gabby jumped in her lap. "What is it mama?" I asked, wondering what the good news is. "Mama got a new job, paying more and more benefits." She exclaimed.

I smiled big and stood to my feet, giving her a hug. “Where at?” I asked. She wore a hug smile on her face as she began to speak. “This doctor’s office is looking for an assistant and they hired me on the spot.” She said excitedly.

For the first time in years, it seemed as though things were finally looking up for us. I was proud of my mom at this moment, she really deserved this.

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Dear lord I had forgotten about some of these.

😯 brace face!!!!

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On the set of Slight Work (x)

Why is he so perfect?

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National Siblings Day




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GOOD FUCKING BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(((((((((

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i cried. i literally cried. lmfao! 

I am screaming! He a fool! 😩

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Video: August Alsina Defends Chris Brown


Video: August Alsina Defends Chris Brown


Now, this is a true friendship right here.

Singer August Alsina recently did an interview with HipHollywood and he had a lot to say, including defending singer Chris Brown. In this interview, he explained how Brown and him talked about how many people in this world are, as well as speaking highly of him. He also made a message to those who have something negative to say about Breezy, including…

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